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Descendants of Adam the 1st Man

Descendants of Thomas Hancocke of St. Mary Woolnot, England

Ninth Generation

54. Nancy Ann Hancock (James Hancock , William Hancock , William Hancock , William Hancock , Simon Hancock , William Hancock , Thomas Hancock , Thomas ) was born on 4 Jul 1776 in Bath, Carven, Nc. She died on 15 Jul 1870 in Nashville, Berrian Co. Ga.

Nancy married Emanuel Griner son of John Martin Greiner and Mary Eischberger in Effingham Co., Ga. Emanuel was born in 1773 in Effingham, St. Mathews Pa. Ga. He was christened in 1829 in Moved family to Lowdnes Co.. He died in 1852 in Lowndes (Now Berrian) Ga. He was employed as Plantation operator.

They had the following children:

+ 63 F i Amy Anna Griner was born in 1803.
  64 F ii Ellen Griner was born in 1806. She died about 1879 in Colquitt Co., Ga.
+ 65 M iii William S. H. Griner was born on 2 Aug 1810. He died in 1870.
+ 66 M iv Samuel G. Griner was born on 2 Aug 1811. He died on 10 Oct 1896.
  67 F v Susannah Griner was born on 27 Apr 1815 in Bulloch Co., Ga. She died in 1880/1900.
  68 M vi Daniel Griner was born in 1814 in Bulloch (Tattnal) County, Ga. He died after 24 Apr 1891 in Berrien Co., Ga.

56. James Hancock Jr. (James Hancock , William Hancock , William Hancock , William Hancock , Simon Hancock , William Hancock , Thomas Hancock , Thomas ) was born in 1755 in Bath, Carven, Nc. He died on 10 Nov 1816 in Tattnall Co. Ga.


James married Jestern (Hancock) in 1776 in Nc. Jestern was born in 1770 in N.C.. She died in 1849 in , Tattnall, Georgia.


James and Jestern had the following children:

+ 69 M i Durham Hancock was born on 8 Sep 1786. He died on 1 Mar 1864.
  70 F ii Bannater Hancock was born in 1798 in , Tattnall, Georgia.
  71 M iii Henry William Hancock was born on 15 Jan 1805 in , Tattnall, Georgia. He died in Sep 1874 in , , Georgia.
  72 M iv Barmetar Hancock was born in 1809 in , , Georgia.
  73 F v Nancy Hancock was born on 4 Jul 1776 in New Bern, Craven, North Carolina. [Notes]
  74 F vi Mary Hancock was born in 1788 in New Bern, Craven, North Carolina.
+ 75 M vii William M. Hancock was born in 1790. He died on 10 May 1856.
  76 F viii Sarah Hancock was born in 1792 in , Tattnall, Georgia. She died in , Columbia, Florida.
+ 77 M ix Cader Hancock was born on 18 Feb 1794. He died on 10 Nov 1839.
  78 M x James Hancock III was born in 1796 in , Tattnall, Georgia. He died in 1852 in , Tattnall, Georgia.
  79 M xi Shadrack Hancock was born in 1799 in , Montgomery, Georgia. He died in 1856 in , Union, Florida. He was buried in 1856 in Mt Tabor Cem., Union, Florida.
  80 M xii Jerimiah C. Hancock was born on 27 Nov 1804 in , Tattnall, Georgia. He died on 13 Dec 1864 in , , Georgia. He was buried in Dec 1864 in Bridge Creek Cem., Colquitt, Georgia.
  81 M xiii Littleton Hancock was born in 1808 in , , Georgia.
  82 M xiv Watts Hancock was born in 1815 in , , Georgia.
  83 M xv Martin H. Hancock was born in Jan 1817 in , Tattnall, Georgia.

57. Zebedee Hancock (Nathaniel Hancock , Hector Hancock , William Hancock , William Hancock , Simon Hancock , William Hancock , Thomas Hancock , Thomas ) was born in 1760 in of Stump Sound, Onslow, Nc. He died in Aug 1824 in Onslow County, Nc. He was buried in Aug 1824 in Will/Pr.


Zebedee married Abigail Taylor daughter of William Wilkins Taylor and Elizabeth Whitehouse about 1780 in , Onslow, North Carolina. Abigail was born about 1761 in of Stump Sound, Onslow, Nc.


Zebedee and Abigail had the following children:

+ 84 F i Elizabeth Hancock was born on 25 Jan 1798. She died on 28 Nov 1853.
  85 M ii William Hancock was born about 1794 in of Stump Sound, Onslow, Nc. [Notes]
  86 M iii Anson Hancock was born about 1796 in of Stump Sound, Onslow, Nc. [Notes]

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