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Descendants by Surname

* We have over 100,000 surnames.
This is only a few selected progenitors.
William Maury Adams
George Carter
William Cash Sr.
Ambrose Chewning
Hester A. Little Granny Clark
Robert Coleman Sr.
Ethel V. Fulwood
Emanuel Griner
John Grubbs
Peter Hairston>
Elder Littleton Albritton Hancock
Thomas Hancocke
David G. Hutchinson
William Ivey
Needham Joiner
William Kirby
Reuben Lindsey
John Jackson Lindsey
David Mathis
Daniel McCranie
William Monk
Anna Morgan
William R. Naylor
James Edward Parker
Archibald Wesley Parrish
William Parrish
Edith Ann Peacock
William Peacock
Joseph Arthur Phelps
Sion Hall Pike Sr.
Cullen Rogerss
Julia Ann Rogers
Martin Shaw Jr.
John (Jack) Sutton
Robert Taylor
Ezekiel Bruce Williams


Royal Descendants

* We have over 100,000 surnames.
This is only a few selected progenitors.

Adela of France Princess of France
Adelicia Princess of BRABANT
Alfonso F IX Leon King of Spain
Alfred "The Great" King of England
Arnolph I the Great of Flanders
Baldwin V the Pious of Flanders Count of Flanders
Berngaria Alfonsez Queen of Leon
Ceawlin King of Wessex
Cedric King of Wessex
Charlemagne Charles the Great
Ealhmund under King Kent
Edward I "The Elder" King of England
Edward I, "Longshanks" King of England
Edward II, King of England
Egbert King of Wessex
Eleanor Aquitaine Queen of England
Elesa of ancient Saxony
Ethelwulf King of Wessex
Henry I, King of England
Henry III, King of England
Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont wife of Henry I
John King of England
PEPIN THE SHORT King of Franks
Plantagenet Henry II King of England
Priam King of Troy
William I, King of England

Ancient Descendants

* We have over 100,000 surnames.
This is only a few selected progenitors.

 Priam King of Troy
 Skjold King of the Danes
 Elesa of ancient Saxony
 Adam the First Man

 Phalec (Peleg), King of Babylon
 Saruch (Serug), King of Ur and Agade
 Thara (Terah), King of Agade
 Judas (Judah), King of Goshen
 Dardanus Founder of Troy
 Erichthonius King of Troy
 Ilus King of Troy



Descendants of:

  • Adelicia Princess of BRABANT

  • Isabel (Elizabeth) De BEAUMONT

  • William Cash Sr.

  • Robert Coleman

  • Edward I King of England

  • Thomas Hancock(e)

  • Reuben Lindsey

  • John Mainwaring (Sapp family)

  • William Monk

  • William Parrish

  • William Peacock

  • Martin J. Shaw

  • Robert Taylor

  • William Sheppard

  • Adam Wagnon

  • Descendants

    William Parrish

    Adam the First Man

    Ansegis Mayor of Palace of Austrasia

    Isabel (Elizabeth) De Beaumont from abt.1075

    Sarah Jemima Wyatt from abt.1775

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